East Midlands - Unite Bus

Unite's new bus was formally unveiled at the East Midlands Regional Committee on 20 July 2015.  

Its is named the Dave DeLacey Bus after one of our most dedicated and long serving Lay Activists in the Region, who held many posts. 

Unite Bus LenThe General Secretary Len McCluskey, along with the Regional Committee Members were given an official tour of the bus which will be used throughout the Region at various events.

It can be used at Recruitment Days, promoting all of our membership benefits and affiliated services, in addition to a mini conference/training centre as it is fitted out with all the technical equipment and seats 12. 

It can be parked at a workplace with permission or near to a workplace as long as it can be parked legally on a road or car park.  As the bus is a recruitment tool it hasn’t got a facility to carry passengers. Please be aware that a responsible nominated person must remain with bus at all times (including whilst parked).  You will also need to have the name and number of the Public Liability Insurance Policy at the location where you have requested the bus to park.

If you are an Activist and you are organising an event please contact your Regional Officer.  Please click here for details of local offices in the Region.

Unite Bus BackUnite Bus Front