Fair Hospitality

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Whether you’re working in a bar, a restaurant, a hotel or for any other business in the hospitality industry then you need to join your trade union

Trade union membership is very low in the hospitality industry – this is why pay is low, and why the work is hard, often unsafe and regularly insecure. The only way to change things and to have a voice at work is to join Unite. 

Is understaffing a big problem? Is the service charge handled fairly? Are you working more hours than you’re paid for? Cleaning an unfair number of rooms each day? It doesn’t have to be like this. 

On your own it’s hard to make things better, but with Unite on your side you are powerful. Unite represents thousands of hospitality workers all over the UK and our membership is growing all the time. Check out what we’ve done so far in London Hotels and in our campaigns for Fair Tips

A bigger union means a stronger union – not just nationally, but in your workplace too. The more of us there are, the stronger we are and the more we can win. Joining your union will cost as little as £2 per week and comes with all sorts of benefits whether your union is currently recognised by your employer or not. So join today, or get in touch with us to find out more. 

We’re fighting for Fair Hospitality across the UK. That means: 

A wage you can live on & #FairTips 

We all need a pay rise – and joining a trade union is the best way to win one. On average, workers in trade union workplaces get 7 per cent better pay than those without trade unions. We’re campaigning to make sure tips go to workers, not employers, and for a fair distribution of the service charge.

Safe, secure work 

All workers should be treated with dignity and respect by employers and customers alike, in work that does not harm your health with full workers’ rights and protections from day one of your employment. Trade unions ensure you can enforce these rights when you need to. Got a problem at work? The best way to solve it is with your union on your side.

Guaranteed hours each week 

Too often ‘flexible work’ really means flexibility for the employer, and uncertainty and stress for the worker. The use of forced zero and short hours contracts needs to stop – but we’ll only win better terms and conditions by organising together. 

Training, development and career opportunities 

We need positive routes into employment, with meaningful training and development at work.

A collective voice and union representation 

Organising means strength in numbers as people act together in trade unions at work. Without this things like your pay and contract are just decided by your employer. When you and your colleagues are unionised you have a voice and have control over what happens at work. 

It’s time for Fair Hospitality - It’s time to join Unite.