Eddie Stobart recognition campaign

Unite the union are currently campaigning at Eddie Stobart Limited in pursuit of a recognition agreement on behalf of our members. Unite the union is Britain’s biggest union, with over 1.4 million members and is by far the largest and most influential union in road transport. We are seeking recognition as drivers have made it clear that they want a real say in the things that affect them at work and only an independent trade union can deliver that.

Unite’s reputation of fighting for our members is growing and as a result of this, our membership at Eddie Stobart, continues to grow as more & more workers realise the benefits of becoming a member of Unite. Remember, The Right Choice Can Make The Right Changes and together we can win.

You may know that to secure union recognition that leads to negotiating on terms and conditions and pay we may have to go through a statutory process. As part of this process we will have to reach a certain level of membership and demonstrate a level of support from all drivers. At the moment we are considering demanding recognition for certain depots but with the right level of membership and support we could look at other sites too. As part of this campaign you can register your support by submitting your details on our on-line recognition petition below. By pledging your support you do not have to be a Unite member or indeed ever become one but we would hope that those of you who have not yet joined will consider doing so.

Information or personal details entered on this petition, will remain secure and will only be used to support any application made to the Central Arbitration Committee in pursuit of trade union recognition. Once the details have been submitted, they will not be available to be viewed by any third party accessing the page.

If you have any issues or problems at work or simply need any advice, you can email who will be more than happy to assist with any queries that you may have.

You can also join Unite on-line by following the link, JOIN UNITE & complete an on-line application form.

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