Better Loos 4 U

Better Loos 4 U largeToilet breaks are a basic necessity, but for the UK’s 300,000 truck drivers getting access – if at all – to decent loos is a lottery. It’s humiliating and degrading – not to mention a public health hazard.

Our truck driver members regularly report serious failings, including filthy facilities, no running water, no lockable cubicles, no soap or loo roll in facilities provided by employers and public conveniences. In some cases access to toilets is denied altogether.

Help us identify the best and name and shame the worst offenders. Rate your loo below and we’ll make sure that the worst are added to the bog roll hall of shame. The best will be awarded with a certificate. 

Join our call for employers to provide decent toilet and washing facilities as a right for all truck drivers.

Take action:

1. Rate a loo - complete the survey below

2. Stick it to your loo - ask your Unite rep for a supply of 'rating' stickers

3. Put up a poster in your workplace - encourage your colleagues to get involved 

Help us build a map of the very best and the very worst facilities across the country - send your snaps to Chantal. 


Use the form below to rate a facility.