Road Transport Commercial Logistics and Retail Distribution

Unite's road transport commercial, logistics and retail distribution sector covers driving and non driving staff in the biggest companies in the industry.  Unite is THE union for transport workers and lead negotiations to improve terms and conditions for thousands of members. The sector organises across all areas of the industry from chilled distribution to car delivery. We have a proud history of representing drivers in all of the major logistics companies but Unite is also THE union for all warehouse and depot workers.

The sector is rife with TUPE transfers which put our members job security and terms and conditions at risk and it is vital that workers are in a union which not only understands the issues but is prepared to fight for our members when needed. Drivers regulations are constantly changing meaning that Unite members in the sector are some of the most highly regulated in the economy and our links with enforcement agencies as well as influencing government policy is key to our members security.

As well as being the largest transport union in the country Unite plays a very important part in European and international organisations representing workers in the industry. We have representatives on the European Transport Federation as well as the International Transport Federation both of which influence policy and regulations. This also gives us an opportunity to develop our organisation with other unions. Many of the companies in the sector are multi nationals and as such our strong links with international unions are key to organising for success. 

Adrian Jones and Matt Draper, national officers

International Workers' Memorial Day 2016

Uniting drivers for safety

ETF/ITF action week

The European Transport Worker's Federation (ETF) and Unite have developed an online survey to understand how weekly rest in the lorry impacts on your life style, health and on your capacity to concentrate when you drive the lorry. The European Commission intends to ‘clarify’ the rules on taking all rest periods in the cab which we believe really means that the law will allow drivers to take all rest periods including normal weekly rest in the cab. This will result in employers scheduling work in such a way that you will not be able to get home. Of course it will effect drivers that do international work a lot more than domestic drivers but we must also consider the impact on driver fatigue and being safe on our roads in the UK.

.The online survey is available in the following languages:

Knowing that your time is valuable, we tried to limit the number of questions. This survey will take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time. By filling in the online form you allow the ETF to store and analyse the data and to use any results anonymously. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey. Your feedback is important.


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Transport Matters

Transport Matters

Unite's case for a clear, bold, strategic role for transport in the economy

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Petroleum Driver Passport Scheme

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Sector contacts

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Highway link group

Highway & Warehouse

the Re-re-launched Highway & Warehouse magazines for all workers in the sector.

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Sleep apnoea: Child with T-Shirt - daddy used to drive a lorry and then he fell asleep

OSA - Sleep Apnoea

OSA a potentially life threatening disorder of interruptions in breathing during sleep.

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Driver Care 2


A unique service to support Unite professional drivers at work

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