Cab Section

Unite is one of the most influential trade unions in the country, and the Cab Section, which was formed in 1874, has a long history of leading actions to defend and improve the conditions of cab drivers. Unite has:
•    led effective boycotts of railway stations to open them to taxi drivers
•    helped devise the London and other cost indexes
•    marched to control the number of taxi drivers on our roads
•    negotiated to allow taxis to use bus lanes

Unite’s Cab Section is the only truly national organisation for cab drivers. The future of the trade has never been secure and Unite is fighting for the benefits of drivers and their passengers alike.


Cab Trade News

Cab Trade News

National monthly paper for licensed taxi trade produced by Unite cab section members.

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No submission to the law commission

Taxi Regulation

Unite opposes further deregulation of the taxi industry. Read about the consultation here.

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Save our black cabs - saved!

Save our black cabs

Keep cab manufacturing in Coventry

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Scotland Employment Law

Legal services

Legal services for life

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Unite affiliated services

Member services

Unite member services - union member benefits

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Driver Care 2


A unique service to support Unite professional drivers at work

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Unite merchandise

Unite merchandise

Browse the Unite shop for items to help support and promote the union

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