Recent sector victories

Recent sector victories

25 July 2013

Over the last few months our sector has had two tremendous results thanks to the hard work of Regional Officers from the Wigan and Sheffield offices. The first one was for an industrial caterer who works in the Prison Service and was alleged to have used racist words and assaulted a prisoner, but thanks to the regional officer we managed to get this charge overturned.

The other incident also involves a member of staff who is employed by the Prison Service who has had a long and drawn out grievance against his local management for bullying, harassment and intimidation, which has gone on for a long period of time. However, when this case finally got to court the barrister for the Prison Service approached our member to make him an offer (not one which he could not refuse because he did turn the offer down). All he has ever wanted was to be able to go about his daily work free from all the harassment which he has suffered over a very long period.

Two very different cases, both with the right result thanks to the diligence of the two regional officers involved.

Dave A Fleming
MoD and Government Departments chair