The government is planning to sell-off the Defence Support Group (DSG), which is the dedicated maintenance and repair service for British armed forces’ vehicles, weapons and communications systems.
DSG is set up with one aim - to keep British armed services safe and fully operational. Selling this off to a private company would break up a vital service.Stop DSG Sell Off logo

Bad for employees and their communities

  • A sell-off could put 2,800 DSG jobs directly at risk.
  • Pay and conditions of those who keep their jobs could also be hit.
  • Investment could be lost in the 26 communities with DSG sites throughtout the UK.

Bad for our forces

  • DSG provides a bespoke flexible support service for British forces. A sell-off would destroy this vital service. 
  • With troops in Afghanistan, now is the wrong time to look at reorganising support services for our armed forces. 
  • The highly specialised services offered by skilled DSG staff could not be provided by any other arrangement.

Bad for Britain

  • DSG provided a £16.5m dividend back to the MoD since 2008; if sold-off these profits would end up leaving the MoD.
  • DSG delivered £30m in savings, reduced costs and increased efficiencies since 2008. 
  • Private contractors could end up costing more to provide these vital services, diverting money away from frontline troops.

Unite is working with the unions PCS, GMB and Prospect to STOP the DSG sell-off.

To stop the sell off we need to make our voices heard, so let's tell the government that DSG and the support for our troops is not for sale.

Why not write to your MP and let them know that you oppose the sell off, it couldn't be easier. 

Please ask your MP to write to the Ministry of Defence opposing the DSG sell-off.  We would also be grateful if you could let us know the response.

Simply enter your postcode and click submit to find your MP. That opens a box with the name and party of your MP, and lets you write a message. Don't forget to enter your name, email address and your own address so that your MP knows you are a constituent. Then add your message. 

If your are stuck for what to write, why not use the bullet points above?  Remember MPs are there to serve and represent you.

If you need further information or have any questions, please contact
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Sign the petition

The Government is planning to sell off Defence Support Group (DSG), which is dedicated to maintenance and repair of vehicles, weapons and communications systems for British Armed Forces’ - as well as saving money through inventory management. DSG currently provides an excellent service to the front-line, saving the taxpayer millions of pounds each year.

We the undersigned believe that selling off DSG will threaten this vital service, increase costs to the taxpayer and putting British troops at risk. In addition the sell-off will have a negative impact on communities around DSG sites all across the UK.  We are calling on the government to reconsider its proposals and STOP the DSG sell-off.