LCS Transformation - in house bid - Plan A

Logistic Commodities and Services (LCS) was created in August 2011 to address a fragmented supply chain and to deliver improvements in the supply of commodities, procurement and associated defence logistics. The new LCS structure brought together Logistic Commodities (Procurement) and Logistic Services (Storage & Distribution) in to one operating centre. 

The LCS(T) project was launched in 2013. It's purpose is to deliver a modern operating model that ensures military supply both now and in the future, and through competition, develop a fulfilment (as opposed to stockholding) approach harnessing appropriate technology and a new infrastructure to manage and deliver the complex end to end supply chain processes in a way that delivers best value for money.

In principle, Unite support Plan A, the LCS(T) “in house” bid to win the LCS(T) competition and deliver the best value for money solution. Unite members have a proven track record of working with LCS Management to deliver change.

Plan A is taking a dual site approach; it is about more than building a fulfilment centre; it is about doing things differently, implementing industry standards, processes and best practice. Unite believe Plan A is the best opportunity to maintain public sector jobs and terms and conditions for our members.

In principle Unite is against outsourcing of public sector jobs to a contractor provider and will be lobbying against it.   

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