Changes to trade union subscriptions deducted direct f...

Francis Maude, Cabinet office Minister, announced by letter to all civil service departments, that the cabinet office wanted to review check-off arrangements (i.e. contribution of Union subscription deducted from members’ salaries). It is the Union’s view that this is a deliberate attempt by the minister to restrict trade union membership within MoD and the wider civil service.

We are aware that the Government has a stated objective of privatising "non-core activities" and this may mean that it will cease to provide check-off arrangements. We do not want to lose you as a valued member of Unite and the easiest way for you to remain a member is to download the Direct Debit form.

Please download and complete the attached form and send it to:

Nick Drysdale
Unite the Union – 4th Floor
Unite House
128 Theobalds Road

It is extremely important that your payroll department is notified of the change so please contact them in the first instance to cancel your check off payments.

If you kindly agree to transfer from Check-off to Direct Debit we are offering you, for your loyalty, an incentive of a £25.00 “Love2shop” gift card. In order to qualify for your gift card for changing from check off to direct debit you will need to complete the direct debit form and return in the pre-paid envelope by Wednesday 10th December 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns please call 0203 371 2083 to speak to one of the team.