Wright Review of Manufacturing

Labour commissioned the Wright Review of Manufacturing to examine how we can create the right environment for long-term growth in advanced manufacturing and related businesses. The Review was led by Mike Wright, executive director at Jaguar Land Rover, acting in a personal capacity. It will provide an independent report on how government policy should support innovative, high value and high technology manufacturing and related industries in the UK, with a particular focus on the supply chain. Read the call for evidence document.

Unite's response to the Wright’s Review is based on Unite’s work over the past three years, notably our strategy document ‘Made in Britain’ launched in late 2013 and specific strategy documents developed by our manufacturing sectors. These include specialist sector strategies for the aerospace, marine, space and defence sectors; the oil refining sector; the steel sector; and ‘German Lessons’ developed with the TUC and the German union IG Metall. Read Unite's response to the Wright Review.