Support the women of Hypertac

Hypertac womenThese women have given their working lives to Hypertac. Most have worked on the production line manufacturing electrical connectors at the same north London site for 25-39 years. On 1 October they were told the site is to shut and that they'd be out of work by Christmas. Worse still, despite their many years of loyal service, the company has said that they will get the bare legal minimum in redundancy pay - not a penny more.

They are all mothers and grandmothers providing for their families and don't understand how Hypertac and its highly profitable parent company Smiths Group, can treat them so shoddily. Smiths Group with its £369.9 million profits for 2011/12 most do more for these women. It can work with the union to find a way to keep the site open. Failing that, at the very least, it should give the women a fair settlement, one that their loyalty and dedication deserves.

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