Manufacturing - skills and training

Skills, training and apprenticeships are key issues for Unite members employed in manufacturing industries.

Unite holds agreements with a number of employers organisations on apprenticeships and training and works closely with the Sector Skills Councils in manufacturing industries, notably SEMTA, in engineering and the manufacturing sector and COGENT in the chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and science sector. Unite also works with employers and others on training issues in the graphical industries, papermaking and ceramics sectors, which were previously covered by the sector skills council Proskills.

Unite has held a number of important events to promote apprenticeships in manufacturing with the various Sector Skills Councils and will be doing so in 2014. In addition Unite has representatives on the Boards of COGENT and SEMTA to ensure that the interests of our members are always promoted.

Unite is also a key supporter of the Technical Apprenticeship Service run by COGENT

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In addition Unite is involved directly with the Manufacturing Skills Alliance and in various bodies of the TUC related to training and skills.

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