Unite members at King & Fowler need your support

Unite members at King & Fowler need Your support

18 September 2013

Many Unite members have suffered a cut in their standard of living since the financial crisis of 2008 but few, if any, have suffered as much as our members at King and Fowler in Liverpool. Whilst millions of workers have had pay increases less than inflation over the last 5 years; King and Fowler have not had a penny increase!

Our 46 members do skilled work making components for the aerospace industry but are paid just above the minimum wage.

Not content at exploiting his workers by way of poor wages the owner decided 2 years ago that no one would “tell him how to run his business” and de-recognised Unite. Despite attempted intimidation, our members then voted to have union recognition via a CAC ballot and the owner is now forced to recognise the union.

It is always difficult being a small group of workers on low pay, in a small union branch and facing a rabidly anti union boss. Nevertheless our members are taking strike action of a day a week which is causing them real financial hardship.

These are the sorts of bosses Unite needs to fight if we are to be a self respecting “fighting back” Union. These are the sort of union members who we need to fight alongside and support. These are the sort of workers who need to win.

King and Fowler workers are sticking together to fight exploitation but they can only win with our support. You can play your part in winning victory for King and Fowler workers by;

•    Digging deep into your branch funds and sending donations to Donna Davies at Unite Liverpool office, Jack Jones House, 2 Churchill Way, Liverpool L3 8EF. Cheques made payable to King & Fowler Fighting Fund.

•    sending emails of support to Deborah Titherington

•    Attending our picket lines whenever you can (those of you who have been on strike know what a fantastic morale boost that is). Details of future action will be sent to all those who email messages of support

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