UCJM - why join?

UCJM has a 100% success rate!

In the first instance Unite UCJM members are supported by a trained NEC representative who understands the nature of work within the criminal justice system. Each representative has access to the resources of Unite, which where necessary includes free legal advice and representation, particularly in job-threatening situations.

UCJM has a wide range of expertise in supporting and representing members who find themselves in professional difficulties. Many such difficulties stem from the pressure managers are experiencing nationally in order to meet demanding performance targets, often with inadequate resources. For many, this specialist resource is the main reason for membership of UCJM.

  -  Negotiation of improved retirement packages
  -  Support of members in grievance and discipline procedures
  -  Challenging of capability issues
  -  Negotiating appropriate return to work packages following prolonged sick leave (particularly stress-related)
  -  Addressing issues of workplace bullying

NEC representatives will offer support and advice to all members, regardless of length of membership. To qualify for free legal advice and legal representation there is a minimum qualifying membership period of three months.

. .Subscription rates

Full membership:

  -  Monthly £12.73 by direct debit
  -  Annual (January-December; in advance): £132

Part-time membership (less than 20 hours per week):

  -  Monthly £6.97 by direct debit
  -  Annual (January-December; in advance): £70

In event of financial problems contact national treasurer Bob Appleby on 01274 223753 or 07966 234849.