UCJM Transforming Rehabilitation

The government is privatising 70% of core probation work and services under the banner of ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’. Established, successful working patterns and partnerships widely recognised as exceeding targets and proven to work to a high standard are going to be ripped up to be replaced by an untried and untested ideological experiment. For a detailed breakdown of what is involved, download the November 2013 UCJM briefing.

UCJM's position on Transforming Rehabilitation is that, reluctantly, we will move forward on the split between the new National Probation Service (NPS) and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) in April 2014.

Our campaign will focus on arguing that the CRC should remain in the public sector and not be sold to any other provider.  The public sector CRC should be given exactly the same freedoms as is being currently proposed.  This will demonstrate what innovations the probation service can deliver when given the opportunity. We believe that the public sector CRC should be permitted to commission services that meet local needs and if they wish, work in partnership with other statutory, voluntary and private organisations. A reducing re-offending rate target should be set with local Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) and a public sector CRC contract agreed for 7 years.

Meanwhile, on the day to day issues, we will do all we can to influence agreements concerning continuity of service, enhanced redundancy, the appeals process on NPS/CRC allocation and of course the legitimacy of the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda itself.

Transforming Rehabilitation is beginning to cause serious disruption to day to day business in probation offices across the county. The timetable continues to fall further and further behind and the MoJ loses credibility every day. There is no question that the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda is starting to wobble. 

The privatisation argument took a stunning blow last month with G4S and Serco being stripped of tagging contracts as a result of over charging.  We wrote to Chris Grayling raising our concerns on the matter and G4S and Serco have now been barred from participation in this process.

It is obvious that the evidence against Transforming Rehabilitation is overwhelming. We need you to;

•    Write to your MP urging them to oppose these proposals. Use the MP look up button below to do this. Some text will be pre-filled for you, but you should also add your own personal stories and experiences to highlight key points. Alternatively you can use this model letter and this UCJM briefing. This makes the argument more concrete for people who may not know much about probation.

•    You should follow this up with a meeting so that you can outline in person the concerns that we have. There is evidence to suggest that MPs who were previously not showing an interest in this are responding to letters and inviting constituents to meet with them to hear their concerns.

•    Sign a postcard. This month we will be commencing a postcard campaign calling on Chris Grayling to halt privatisation. The theme is ‘Don’t Privatise Probation, Crime Shouldn’t Pay! The cards will be distributed nationally and we need you and all your colleagues to sign them.

We need your involvement through campaign ideas, updates on what’s happening locally, lobbying your local MPs, attending any local rallies and getting as many post cards signed as possible. 

Further briefings will follow.  Meanwhile thoughts and suggestions are always welcome, which can go through Mark Burden, NEC member. If you want to get more directly involved in the campaign contact Mark or your area NEC member.

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