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2012-2013 pay talks
Click here to download the 2012-13 pay claim.
The Joint Trade Unions have submitted a pay claim for 2012-2013 calling for "A substantial increase on all pay points that recognises the financial hardship being suffered by NJC workers – in particular the lowest paid – as a consequence of inflation and the failure of the Local Government Employers to award £250 to those earning below £21,000, as embodied in Government policy".
2011-2012 pay talks
Click here to download the 2011-2012 pay claim.
Unite launched the pay claim with colleague Unions Unison and GMB. Peter Allenson Unite National Organiser said "The employers refused to meet our claim last year implementing a pay freeze which severely reduced our members’ living standards effectively with inflation turning it into a pay cut. That will not stop us pursuing our claim this year with all the might that we can muster the claim being both affordable and deserved for all Local Authority workers delivering services to vulnerable members of Local Communities. Local Authority employers have said that they cannot afford these improvements but Unite makes it clear to them that they cannot afford not to meet the claim in full".

2010-2011 pay talks
Click here to download the 2010-11 pay claim.
Click here and here to see circulars from National Officer Peter Allenson on the pay claim, and non-pay aspects of terms and conditions the trade unions sought to improve. Click here to see the press release from the joint trade unions. Click here to see the National Officer circular. Click here to download the joint trade union leaflet against a pay cut in real terms for workers in local government.

2009-10 pay talks
Click here to download the 2009-10 pay claim.
The Staff Side submitted its pay claim in January 2009. The Employers made an offer, which the Staff Side agreed to put out to consultation. The NJC Trade Union side position for Unite and Unison was to recommend the final offer from the employers on the basis that it was the best that could be achieved by negotiation, recognising that there was little or no appetite for Industrial Action that year. Unite held a consultative ballot which resulted in the pay offer being accepted by a ratio of 7 to 1. Click here for a circular about the ballot result. For full details of how the consultation took place read this circular from the union.The associated documents referred to in the circular are: Employers Offer, Sample Ballot  Paper, Text to accompany Ballot Paper,  Consultation Return Form. As a result the 2009-10 pay scale was introduced.