Local Authorities - Green Book

. Pay Claim 2014-15
The NJC Joint Trade Union Side have agreed the pay claim for 2014-15.

£1 an hour pay rise
A minimum claim of £1 an hour to achieve the living wage at Scale Point 5 and the same £1 an hour increase across all other spine points

We are campaigning for an increase of £1 an hour to address the low pay and poverty wages in local government. Local government workers are the lowest paid across public services with over 500,000 employees currently earning less than the living wage. With a three year pay freeze and a derisory 1% in 2013 members have suffered a real loss of 16% in earnings since 2008. This pay claim is the next step in our campaign for Fair Pay in local government. The full pay claim can be found here.

2013-14 pay talks

The Unite branch ballot on the local government 'green book' pay offer has closed. Unite members rejected the pay offer by 57% to 43%. Unison and GMB members accepted the pay offer. The new rates for 2013-14, with a 1% increase on all spine points from 1st April 2013 and the deletion of spine point 4 from October 2013, have therefore been issued. You can find them by clicking here. Unite is continuing our campaign for fair pay for local government workers - click here to get involved in our campaign.

Final offer

Read the employers' full statement and proposed pay scales. The Joint Trade Unions met on 7th May to respond to this offer.

Click here for the April 2013 update on NJC Pay Negotiations
The Joint Trade Unions have submitted a pay claim for 2012-2013 calling for "A substantial increase on all pay points that recognises the financial hardship being suffered by NJC workers – in particular the lowest paid – as a consequence of inflation and the failure of the Local Government Employers to award £250 to those earning below £21,000, as embodied in Government policy". Click here to download the pay claim.

Current pay scale
Click here for the 2009-10 pay scale. Local Government workers have suffered a pay freeze - a pay cut in real terms - over the past couple of years. The last time their pay was increased was in April 2009.

Green book
Click here to download the latest version of the Green Book (2005).

Click here for details of previous years' pay claims.