Scottish Police Staff update

Scottish Police Staff update

12 April 2013

Delegates from the Scottish Police Staff Branch met with

•    Kenny MacAskill MSP Cabinet Secretary for Justice
•    Vic Emery Chair of the Scottish Police Authority
•    Iain Livingstone Deputy Chief Constable

The transfer to a single Scottish Police Force was discussed in detail with each speaker. There will be no compulsory redundancies and no privatisation. Efficiency savings will be made through voluntary job losses, a review of properties, contracts and ICT systems. Considerable savings can be made through shared services, reorganisation and reform of the previous divisional structures.

Questions were raised on the reported figure of 3000 potential police staff job cuts and the rationalisation of control rooms, call handling, forensics and fleet services. Concerns were put forward on the harmonisation of terms and conditions for staff and the timescale for reforms.

There was a general view from all guest speakers that 3000 job losses were unlikely but it would be difficult at this stage to outline an exact figure. Harmonisation of terms and conditions would take place through consultation with the trade unions although the timescale was uncertain at this point. A dispersal model would be progressed to ensure that there was a geographical spread for specialist or centralised services. All agreed that transparency and good communications were key to the success of this process and that future meetings would be arranged.