NHS staff transfers in England

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act created 400 new organisations on 1 April 2013. 46,000 staff in the PCTs and SHAs in England which were abolished on 31 March 2013 transferred to the new organisation and to local government. As a consequence a large number of policies and guidance documents have been developed by the DH,NHS unions,NHS employers and the Local Government Association to support the transition arrangements and safeguard the position of staff. All those documents can be accessed at the website links provided below.


Human Resources (HR) Concordat and Frequently Asked Questions – 18 November 2011 .
Outlining the principles and standards for managing the HR processes of transfer, setting out the obligations of NHS and local government employers and trade unions in managing the change. Click here

Local Government Transition Guidance on Workforce Issues – 13 January 2012
This document is aimed at council HR specialists. It builds on the HR Concordat and sets out principles for managing staffing issues and the establishment of effective consultation arrangements, which encompass the relevant PCT, LA and trade unions. Click here

Pensions – 17 May 2012  
A joint letter from the CMO and LGA Chief Executive setting out the agreement that public health staff who have access to the NHS Pension Scheme on 31 March 2013 should retain access to the NHS scheme on transfer. Click here

Working in local government – a guide for public health staff – 1 August 2012
To welcome public health staff to local government, provide some key facts and figures about the sector and to support local inductions
Click here

Letter on pensions for public health staff transferring to local authorities - 21 December, 2012
An update on the treatment of pensions after 1 April 2013 in relation to the transfer of public health staff to local authorities is set out in a letter from Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, Public Health England and Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive, Local Government Association.
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Pension Provision –– Administering the NHS Pension Scheme Frequently Asked Questions - 29 January 2013
This document is designed to assist HR Practitioners and those tasked with managing the process within Local Authorities with the pensions implications of the transfer by providing answers to a number of frequently asked questions.   Click here
Transfer of public health staff from PCTs to local authorities – pension provision post 1 April 2013 - 1 March, 2013
This letter from the Public Health England Transition Team to Directors of Public  Health and PCT HR Directors sets out the agreement on pension provision for transferring staff, ‘new starters’ post 1 April 2013 and the groups of staff to whom ongoing access to the NHS pension scheme has been agreed.

Alongside the letter we have also published a document including FAQs  to assist staff in understanding how their current pension arrangements will be affected by the transfer to local authorities and a variety of FAQs and information for both employees and employers on other issues such as NHS Pension Direction Orders, Automatic Enrolment and NHS injury benefits. Click here

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