MPU - Medical Practitioners' Union


The MPU exists to provide professional, clinical and employment support for qualified doctors and medical students.

Its range of professional services, as well as the massive financial, legal and industrial backup of its parent trade union Unite, are unique and provides the representation and influence in the workplace that YOU need.
MPU's aim is to provide representation for Doctors at all levels - local, regional and national - to ensure that the voice of the profession is heard.

MPU believe in the NHS                 
MPU Conference, Saturday 17 October 2015, London


In the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster Doctors in Unite wishes to send our thoughts to those affected and bereaved. It is quite clear to us that our front line public services played a key part in dealing with this disaster. We have significant concerns over cuts to public services such as police, fire and ambulance services which leads to staff stretched to the limit and safety being compromised. The ongoing outsourcing of services to private providers leads to a lack of accountability and proper regulation and monitoring. A failure to preserve healthy, safe environments where people live can have catastrophic consequences.

There appears to have been a major failure by this government and Conservative led local authority in mounting an effective response to this disaster and it was left to volunteers and charities to pick up the pieces. There will be a need for mental health services to input into the aftercare for those affected and we have major concerns about this given the savage cuts we have seen to NHS mental health services in the past 7 years.

Major lessons need to be learnt, the government needs to act quickly and by ending austerity invest properly in our public and emergency services. 

Doctors in Unite June 2017Members of Doctors in Unite (the Medical Practitioners' Union) work within the structures of the BMA under an agreement with the BMA dating back to 1950.

Our members had a successful time at the BMA Annual Representative Meeting in Bournemouth in June.
Doctors in Unite Deputy Chair Coral Jones successfully moved a motion calling for decriminalisation of abortion. MPU President David Wrigley persuaded the meeting to oppose charges for general practice appointments and for missed appointments. Our DiU Vice President Steve Watkins obtained a policy decision supporting social care free at the time of use, financed out of general taxation and provided as part of the health service.

Longstanding UNITE member Fay Wilson made a powerful speech in favour of a better gender balance on the BMA Council and persuaded the ARM to impose electoral constraints to achieve this.

40 conference delegates were photographed in a declaration of solidarity with UNITE members in dispute at Bart's