MHNA biography Steve Jones

Edge Hill University, Faculty of Health, Continuing Professional Development

Title: Programme Leader; Mental Health

Msc Contemporary Health and Social Care

MSc International Nursing Studies

Qualifications: MSc Forensic behavioural science, RGN, RMN, Dip Counselling, PGCE (Higher Education). PhD student 2009-2012.

Research interests: Phd thesis is on substance misuse and coercion in withdrawal states. North West Prisons Drug research study on Naltrexone prior to release. His recent publications have been on non medical prescribing, mental health law, and risk of violence in decision making. He is an approved trainer in HCR 20 and lectures to a wide range of professionals.

Profile: Steve’s practice experience lies equally over 20 years in general and mental health environments, having worked for six years prior to lecturing in forensic mental health settings. He is underataking his Phd thesis presently and investigating coercive substance misuse regimes across a range of settings.

Steve entered lecturing at Edgehill University in 2003, developing his interest in research, and practice developments into the care and treatment of mental health service users with complex need. Steve is a former consultant member of NIHME /CSIP on suicide and personality disorder and a Strategic prison mental health refernce group. Appointed the the editorial board in 2010.