MHNA biography Steve Hemingway

I have been practising as a mental health nurse (MHN) for over twenty years working in acute inpatient, liaison psychiatry, brain injury rehabilitation and crisis/home treatment services. Latterly I have been a lecturer for over a decade at Sheffield and now Huddersfield University. Psychopharmacological knowledge and medication management skills are something that I feel passionately that MHNs need to practise safely and competently. Steve has published widely on the area of MHN prescribing (journals and book chapters) and Medication Management, and am focussing my PhD study on this importantly developing area.

I have been a member of the MHNA since 1990s. The association has kept me up to date, given me opportunities to network clinically and as we are the only truly focused mental health organisation know that existing and future mental health nurses can also benefit from.