MHNA biography Mike Ramsay

I am the chair of the MHN editorial board since December, 2008 and I have been a member of the board for 3 years in total. I have been a member of the MHNA for 4 years.

I currently work as a lecturer in mental health nursing at the University of Dundee, teaching across the pre-registration curriculum and leading a Masters module in mental health also. I have published widely around mental health nursing, particularly around issues relating to identity and regularly contribute to MHN in terms of editorial copy and original papers. My research interests surround dementia and carer support reflecting the main area related to my former clinical practice. I also have a great interest in counselling.

I am an RGN as well as an RMN and have practised in both fields but from 1989 -2004 I was in a variety mental health nursing posts, in both hospital and community in Tayside. My roles have included being staff nurse in forensic acute admissions, dementia continuing care and adult rehabilitation. I was Charge nurse and Senior Charge Nurse in dementia continuing care and a Clinical Nurse Manager for in-patient services and which also had a quality assurance remit before transferring to a role as Community Mental Health Team Leader (older people) in North Angus. I became a full-time academic in March, 2004 but retain links to practice through my current role.

I am committed to the concept of continuing development through education and practise and view accessible writing in journals as a cornerstone of both. I am, therefore, wholly committed to collaborating with the board and the wider MHNA to delivering a readily-available, creative and interesting MHN journal to provide - firstly - our membership and further a potentially much wider readership, with a resource that encapsulates much of what is happening and is good about mental health nursing, as a profession, today.