MHNA biography Neil Murphy

Neil MurphyI have been involved in mental health care since 5 December 1980. I started my career as a nursing assistant and more recently found myself as a senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy at The University of Salford. 

My career pathway has been predominantly in community services with a three year sabbatical as a behaviour therapist. Throughout my career I have experienced the influence of media on practitioners and myself, seeing the negative impact on attitudes and career progression. This work (which some of my colleagues view as a life work) will be in some ways concluded with the publishing of my PhD in the near future. 

I continue to practice in a community mental health unit and can offer both CBT and Family Interventions as a resource for staff and clients. I provide both clinical and academic supervision to a range of mental health staff and sit on a steering board for integrating CBT and Family Interventions into the core business of a community mental health team. 

My teaching is predominated by CBT orientated work and I teach to both under graduate and post graduate students. I link with Saxion University in the Netherlands and co-host a conference each year in Sonnonberg in Germany.