MHNA biography Evri Anagnostara

I have been a qualified psychiatric nurse for more than 10 years and have worked in a plethora of inpatient and community settings. I have always been passionate about mental health and became keen in contributing into this field from a very young age when I realised that I (and others around me) cannot be in full health unless my mental health is at its best.

I have developed a further interest in forensic mental health nursing and I am continuously surprised with and fascinated by exploring various topics linking mental health and criminality. My work in forensic settings, including prisons, is very rewarding and challenging, as I am privileged enough to work with patients who are marginalised and stigmatised by not only society, but also their peers.

I am committed in my personal and professional advancement and I continue pursuing experience in a variety of settings such as acute wards, PICUs, A&E Liaison Teams and CRHTTs, as well as linking with professional and academic groups.

I am passionate about reducing discrimination, in general and specifically against people suffering from mental health problems and I am a strong believer that to achieve this, one must think outside the box and be authentic. Further, I am interested in reducing people’s negative experience of mental health services by minimising violence and aggression in psychiatric settings, using clinical risk assessments creatively and by developing flourishing therapeutic relationships where people can stand out as individuals. Other interests include physical health in mental health, teaching and facilitating learning in nursing and working with colleagues to challenge stagnant practices!

I am one of the newest members of the editorial board and I feel honoured to have received this affiliation opportunity.