Mental Health Nursing Journal

MHN journal Apr May 2013Mental Health Nursing (MHN) is the official journal of the MHNA. The Editorial Board of MHN exists to provide expert professional advice to the Journal’s Editor and publishers. It is a subgroup of the Unite/MHNA National Professional Committee NPC.

The content of MHN consists of a balance between clinical and practice issues, education, research and audit, service user and carer issues along with UK wide policy and service delivery. Its purpose is to reflect current and prospective future issues for mental health nurses and to promote the widest possible discussion amongst MHNA members.

Membership of the Board is made up of up to 12 lay members, the Editor, a member from the Unite Professional Officers team, a representative from the publishers, and one service user or carer. Of the 12 lay members, the NPC provides a representative to sit on the Board and one place will be held for a student mental health nurse (and MHNA member) representative.  The full terms of reference of the board can be viewed here.

The Mental Health Nursing Journal editor can be contacted  or  07717 438101.

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MHNA Mandy Bancroft 
MHNA Mike Ramsay 
Mandy Bancroft
Chair of editorial board,
Director of widening
participation & recruitment
University of the West of England
Mike Ramsay
Lecturer in nursing (mental health)
University of Dundee

Athia Manawar
Dr Alun Jones
Adult psychotherapist
North Wales NHS trust
Lawrence Benson
MHNA Steven Jones
MHNA Terez Burrows
Nicky Lambert 
Steven Jones
MSc programme leader
Edge Hill University

Terez Burrows
Team leader
Wathwood Medium Secure Unit, Nottinghamshire
Donna Kemp
Care programme approach
development manager
Leeds Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust

 Emily Prescott

Nicky Lambert
Senior Lecturer -
School of Mental Health,
Social Work & IPL
  Neil Murphy
Dave Munday 
Neil Murphy
Lecturer in Mental Health
University of Salford

Hollie Roblin
University of Huddersfield
. Paula O'Grady
Senior Independent Mental
Health Advocate,
Together for mental wellbeing

. David Munday
Professional officer
Unite the union