Changes to the Meningococcal vaccination schedule

Changes to the Meningococcal vaccination schedule

08 May 2013

Changes to the MenC vaccination schedule will commence from 1 June 2013.

In summary, these changes are:
· the removal of the second dose at age 16 weeks (four months) from the  routine schedule for infants (from 1 June 2013); and
· the introduction of an adolescent booster dose at around 14 years (school year 10) for the academic year 2013 -14.

JCVI has recommended that the adolescent booster dose, together with Td/IPV, should be given routinely at age 13-14 years and it is intended that, over time, there will be a planned, coordinated, country wide approach to enable areas to move towards giving these vaccines between the ages of 13-14 years (school year 9).

From mid-August 2014, there will also be a catch-up programme of limited duration to offer the vaccine to first time university entrants under the age of 25 years, i.e. those who will not have been vaccinated under the revised schedule at around age14 years.

The JCVI has advised that these changes will make the MenC vaccination schedule more effective and offer greater overall public health protection.

A revised chapter on Meningococcal vaccination, including clinical advice and information about the new MenC vaccination schedule, has been included in Immunisation against Infectious Disease 2006, (“the Green Book”)