School nurse 121 campaign

School nurse 121CPHVA has launched a campaign to promote and protect school nurses and public health services for school aged children.

As the first public health nurses started work in schools in Britain in 1892, this year marks the profession’s 121st anniversary. Modern school nurses work in the community as well as in schools so that all children can benefit whether or not they attend school. The main aim is to campaign for one full time, year round, qualified school nurse to one secondary school area. This would ensure that each child and young person would be able to discuss health issues and receive support on a one to one basis.

School nurses are unique as they work at the interface between education and health, understanding the culture of both. They bring about effective partnership working to improve the health outcomes of young people.

There is no doubt that school nurses’ knowledge and intervention can make a tremendous difference to the public health problems of obesity, smoking, poor mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy. However, this needs to be strongly advocated on a local level.

As part of this campaign, Unite will continue to voice its concerns that children’s health must not lose out in the current struggle for resources and the fragmentation of services. For further information click here