Health visitors and school nurses lobby

Calling all health visitors and school nurses.....

Come to Westminster and tell your MP to save your service

Join Unite's lobby of parliament on Wednesday 26 April, 12:00-16:00. This is your chance to tell our elected representatives in Westminster about all the amazing work that you do supporting the health and well-being of babies and children from the first few weeks of their birth for health visitors to their school years all the way up to secondary for school nurses.

Free Unite transport from the regions in England is available. Please email your regional lead officer to find out how to book your place: 

See you in London......

Our health visiting and school nursing services have been the envy of the world, but these vital preventative services are now under threat in England.

Ever since the commissioning of children's public health services moved from the NHS to local authorities in 2015, the number of health visitors and school nurses has nosedived. In one year alone health visitors numbers have fallen by nearly 9 per cent. All the progress made under the Health Visitor Implementation please to increase their numbers is being lost. The already low numbers of qualified school nurses has fallen even further - down by 6 per cent to just 2,561 (WTE) posts between October 2015 and October 2016.

You are qualified professionals helping children get the very best start in life, from preventing ill health to promoting healthy lifestyles - now is your chance to speak up to protect your profession.

Join us on the 26th.

More details to follow soon.

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