Calling all student specialist community public health...

During 2014/15, 20 student health visitors and school nurses have taken the opportunity to have #adaywithdave or #adaywithros

-    Student health visitors have the opportunity to work for the day with Unite in Health professional officer, Dave Munday. Dave leads the support to our health visitor members in England.

-    Student school nurses have the opportunity to work for the day with Unite in Health professional officer, Ros Godson. Ros leads the support to our school nurse members across the UK. 

Feedback from students has been really positive so we’re extending the sessions for the rest of 2015 and in to 2016. We plan to offer approximately 12 placements over the next twelve months.

Why should I apply? 

If you want to spend time thinking about your profession at a national level and be involved in some really important work then this is for you. We hope it’ll be a great opportunity to widen your scope of experience and help you to develop your knowledge. 

What will happen on the day? 

It’s hard to say. Professional officers at Unite have a very varied work load and can work in any part of the UK. Once a date is agreed with successful applicants, we’ll make sure that the day focuses mainly on health visiting or school nursing issues but it may also link in to many other areas that we deal with. Successful applicants will have travel and subsistence paid in line with normal Unite expenses. You’ll of course need to agree the time from your studies/placement if successful for the agreed day. 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch! 

Very true! As well as successful applicants getting the opportunity to experience something a bit different we’ll want a few things back: 

-    We’ll take the opportunity to learn things from you! Both about your experiences on the course and out in practice. 

-    We’ll want a write up of your experience. It won’t need to be a PhD thesis or anything like that. Just a short article that highlights some of the things you did, learnt, enjoyed, your reflections on the experience etc. This might be featured in our Community Practitioner Journal or as a blog on our website. 

-    We hope you’ll be enthused when you head back home about what’s going on nationally and you’ll spread the message back to colleagues, both fellow students and practitioners you work with. 

-    You’ll stay in touch! 

Sounds interesting, how do I apply? 

Send an email to with the title ‘A day with…’ and in the subject of the email include your name, membership number, where you’re studying, your graduation date and a brief paragraph on the subject: “I want to spend #adaywithdave (or) #adaywithRos because…”.

Some of the #adaywithdave / #adaywithros students have written articles for the Community Practitioner journal. You can see a selection of these here.