Identifying and supporting victim of human trafficking...

Identifying and supporting victims of human trafficking, new advice and training launched

22 April 2013

Last week, Unite Lead Professional Officer Obi Amadi attended the launch of the NSPCC toolkit and training on human trafficking. These new tools are designed to make it easier for NHS staff to spot and give help to people who have been illegally trafficked and are available to healthcare workers across the country. At the event, attendees were reminded that in 2012, 1,186 people were referred to the National Referral Mechanism as potential victims of human trafficking. 

•    66 per cent of these were women
•    35 per cent were men
•    69 per cent of these cases were adults
•    31 per cent were children.
•    they came from 31 different countries

You can access the resources by clicking on the links below:

Guidance leaflet
E-learning module
The government press release announcing the launch.