CPHVA Conference Q&A - 9 October update

Q. I’ve seen differing detail for the CPHVA Professional Conference 2013. Can you clarify please?
A. The Unite/CPHVA Annual Professional Conference 2013, ‘Public Health Nursing: The Foundation of the Future’, will be held at York Racecourse on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October 2013.

Q. What’s in the CPHVA Professional Conference 2013 programme?
A. You will find a conference brochure as an insert within this issue of Community Practitioner. Many hours have been spent by your fellow members on the programme planning committee to ensure the content reflects the challenges faced and goals being met by CPHVA members today.

Q. Is there a website for the CPHVA Professional Conference?
A. All current information can be found at the Unite/CPHVA Conference 2013 page on the website.

Q. Is there an Annual Professional Forum this year?
A. Yes. This year, the name has changed to the CPHVA Annual Meeting and will be held between 12 and 3pm on Monday 21 October. The Annual Meeting will provide an opportunity for members to review the work of the CPHVA and feed into its future work programme. Keep visiting the Unite/CPHVA website. Reports and other paperwork, including further guidance on how to submit your item for debate at the Annual Meeting, will be available here at least four weeks before the Annual Meeting. Meanwhile, take the time to discuss with CPHVA colleagues possible topics and who will present them on the branch’s behalf.

Q. Who will be able to attend the CPHVA Annual Meeting?
A. All members of the CPHVA are invited to attend the Annual Meeting.   Unfortunately the nomination process has now closed.  Please approach Neil Stewart Associates for conference information.

Q. How will the Annual Meeting work?
A. The Chair of the CPHVA Executive will chair the Annual Meeting. Apologies for the meeting will be displayed on the meeting screens. The number of those registered will be announced. The new meeting format will allow members to raise issues in advance relevant to their profession and professional body, which will lead to debate and will inform the CPHVA Executive when developing their strategic direction for the coming year. There will be two phases of the debate process. First, each branch will have the opportunity to submit a topic for presentation to the Annual Meeting. Keep watching the Unite/CPHVA website for details. Each presentation will last two minutes, to groups drawn from the Annual Meeting delegates, who will then vote for their preferences on the key issues for wider debate. Each of these mini presentation sessions will be chaired by a member of the CPHVA Executive, supported by Unite staff including the Professional Officer team. Second, the most popular issues from this process will then go forward for a presentation and debate to the full Annual Meeting and all assembled delegates. Following the Annual Meeting the CPHVA will take all the issues raised and supported back and reflect on these in developing their work plan.

Q. How will we find out what has happened since last year’s Professional Conference?
A. The Professional Officer Report will be presented to the meeting, with an opportunity for questions to the Professional Officers. This will be presented in a ‘Question Time’ panel format – all Professional Officers will outline their work over the last year and questions will be open to the Professional Officers to respond. The debate part of the Annual Meeting will take place after this.

Q. Isn’t that a lot in three hours?
A. Annual Meeting delegates will need to have prepared and rehearsed their arguments, and be able to stick to their allocated time, and this will be strictly applied by the chair of each session. The Professional Team will be issued with official CPHVA watches to remind them to be pithy and timely in their responses.

Q. Will there be a Local Accredited Representative training session again?
A. Yes. This will be held on Monday 21 October in the afternoon, after the Annual Meeting, at York Racecourse. Please refer to the Unite/CPHVA website for more information.

Q. Will there be a conference dinner again this year?
A. Yes, as a result of the dinner being well received last year there will be a similar event in York on the evening of Tuesday 22 October. Details are being finalised but please keep visiting the Unite/CPHVA website to keep up to date.

Q. Will there be financial support to attend the CPHVA Professional Conference?
A. The CPHVA Professional Conference is competitively priced when compared to similar events in size and reach. The 2013 conference ticket price is the lowest it has been for several years.  The free ticket offers are now closed.  Neil Stewart Associates for conference information.

If you have any queries about conference 2013 please email Unite Professional Officer, Gavin Fergie