CPHVA Twitter Tuesday

CPHVA twitter tuesdayEvery Tuesday we hold a #CPHVAtt or ‘CPHVA Twitter Tuesday’ chat. We hope many of our members will want to use this as another way to engage with lots of different issues that we know are important to you! The sessions last between 30mins and starts at 7pm. We’ll announce the subject and timing of the week’s chat on our Twitter page. The session is usually led by the Community Practitioner (@CommPrac). We’ve included a few instructions below for how to get involved in #CPHVAtt

What is #CPHVAtt?
#CPHVAtt or CPHVA Twitter Tuesday is our version of a Twitter chat. It's a popular way of having a discussion on Twitter around themes and subjects.

Do I need to be a Twitter user?
To be involved in the discussion yes (see the point about facebook below though). If you're not on Twitter there's still a way of seeing what was said.

I've never done a Twitter chat before, what do I have to do?
At every #CPHVAtt we'll have a theme to tweet about. The conversation will be started from our account (so its important to be following us @Unite_CPHVA) but all you need to do is either reply to our tweets or write your own tweets about the issue. We'll re-tweet comments from our account and this should mean that a discussion develops.

Is there anything I need to include in my tweets?
Yes, it's really important that you include the hash tag (#) #CPHVAtt. This means we can search and find your tweets! It also means anyone else can follow the conversation too.

You said to look for a facebook comment above, what's that about?
We know some of our members don't use Twitter but do use Facebook, but we want them to be involved too! Therefore we'll simultaneously have a post on our Facebook page, where we'll feed in comments backwards and forwards. Sounds complicated? It is for us so we'll have to see how it works! If it doesn't we won't do this at future sessions!

I'm not on Twitter, you said I could still see what went on, how does that work?
Anyone can see what we say on Twitter by visiting our page. You might need to make sure the page is refreshed regularly. We'll also be doing a Storify page on the event afterwards. This is just a website page that has all the tweets laid out in order. We'll also add interesting links, documents and anything else we think might contribute to the conversation.

How private is this conversation?
This isn't at all private! It's a bit like if we held a conference. If you stood up to speak you wouldn't know all the attendees and so anything you said could be shared and attributed back to you! It's also really important to remember that sharing client/patient details online is a big no no! You can see advice from the NMC, and listen to our Unite in Health Thinking Thursday (#UiHTT) session on the subject.

Previous CPHVAtt
You can see some of our previous #CPHVAtt on our CPHVA Storify page