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1999 Karen Hoare: Pat McQueen Award

2000 Jenny Hugman, Milton  Keynes  Excellence in Leadership

2001 Rosemary Hughes, Nottingham PCT and Sue Warriner, Armagh PCT: Excellence in Practice

2002 Deborah Lapthorne, Plymouth PCT:  Excellence in Education

2004 Elizabeth Taylor, Southampton PCT: Excellence in Practice:
Mary Lowe, Thurrock PCT: Caroline Puckett Memorial Award: Excellence in Training: 
Louise Condon, William Budd Health Centre: Lady Limerick Bursary: Excellence in Research

2005 Jane Hyde:  Excellence in Leadership

2006 Anita McCrum, Barnsley PCT: Excellence in Education

2007 Deborah Bone, East & N. Herts PCT: Excellence in Practice

2008 Christine Bidmead, South London & Maudsley PCT: Excellence in Research:
Tracey Young: Overseas Project:
Angela Underdown: Excellence in Research

2009 Deborah Rountree, University of Sussex: Excellence in Practice

2010 Jayne Botham,  Hull City Health Care Partnership: Excellence in Leadership.
Felister Heeley: Travel Award winner;         
Research Poster: Julie Greenway (University of Bristol) for ‘HVs views on ethical issues in practice’
Practice Poster: Ruth Reilly (University of Lincoln) for her poster ‘forgotten families, wasted lives’ which was about epilepsy.

2011 Amanda Corr    Excellence in practice                                                   
Travel award winner Liz Staples York – Public health in Uganda                        
Research Poster: Toity Deave Bristol university Updating home safety messages for healthcare professionals  Practice Poster:  paediatric dietition Judy More- evidence based portion sizes for 1-3 year olds
2012 Travel award winner Rev Helen Wordsworth – Parish Nursing