CPHVA Education & Development Trust

The CPHVA Education and Development Trust was created to fulfil the wishes of Dr Ian MacQueen, who was medical officer of health in Aberdeen and a Vice President and Trustee of what was then the Health Visitors’ Association (HVA). Dr MacQueen believed passionately in the contribution that health visitors make to the health of a population, especially in public health, and he wished to support this work and also reward individual health visitors for work that demonstrated excellence.

In 1978, he informed the HVA general secretary of his plans to make a major bequest that would be activated following his and his wife’s deaths. In 1997, the CPHVA received Dr MacQueen’s bequest of £198,325. He asked that awards be given for excellence in practice, education and leadership, and to support the development of practice. The Trust became live in 1997 (it is registered with the Charity Commission) and the first awards were made in 1999. The Trust’s name was changed by a members’ vote in 2004, since the previous title (CPHVA Charitable Trust) did not adequately describe its purpose. All CPHVA members, (i.e. nursery nurses, school nurses and district nurses as well as health visitors) are eligible to apply for the MacQueen Awards.

From 1999-2004, the MacQueen Award for Excellence in Practice, Leadership and Education was awarded in rotation.

In 2004, a special award was created to thank Lady Limerick for her many years as President of the CPHVA. Members and centres raised £4,000 that was used for an award for excellence in research. Subsequently, the research strand has been included in the awards cycle. In recognition of the fact that the majority of CPHVA members are practitioners, the Trustees recently agreed to offer the MacQueen Award Excellence in Practice in alternate years.

In October 2012, the Trustees decided that, as of 2013, there will be two equal awards. This year awards will recognise ‘Excellence in Practice‘ and ‘Excellence in Research’ The winners will receive £3,500 each (£1,000 personal spend and £2,500 for professional use). In addition, the winners received an annual CPHVA professional conference ticket, and reimbursement of travel costs and hotel accommodation. The winners were required to attend annual conference to receive their award and to write a paper for publication in a relevant journal. Prize winners are required to give a presentation (in the relevant concurrent session) on their winning project.

Those involved with the Education and development Trust try to keep abreast of changes. Following discussions between the Trustees and PAC in 2014 it was decided to change the awards again in order to meet different professional needs.

A larger bursary or grant will be made available to help support and promote further research into public health – this award is for up to £12,500.
In addition to this two smaller professional development awards of £3,000 will also be available.

A travel bursary of up to £2,000 will be available to help facilitate public health work abroad.
A number of tickets to attend the annual CPHVA professional conference will also be made available - this was to encourage new qualified or those who had not attended conference before – look out for the advertisements in the Community Practitioner journal.

The two poster prizes of £125 will be presented at conference for the best research and practice posters.

Quote from Lady Limerick “the Health Visitors’ Association Charitable Trust was founded in 1989. The trust was in abeyance until 1997, at which time a legacy amounting to £198,325 was received”