CPHVA - about us

Unite/CPHVA is a professional section of Unite, the UK’s largest trade union. It comes under the Unite Health sector ‘umbrella’ and Unite is the third largest union in the NHS with about 100,000 health worker members.

Unite/CPHVA campaigns to protect the status of the community practitioner and the services they deliver as certain NHS trusts, Health Authorities and Boards are always seeking to ‘restructure’ or introduce economies that could be detrimental to Unite/CPHVA members, their patients and clients. This is particularly important in England with the fragmentation and privatisation following the passage of the Health and Social care Bill in 2012. However, reductions in financial resources are affecting services in all countries of the UK.

Unite/CPHVA talks on a daily basis to key decision makers in all relevant government departments, NHS trusts, and other professional organisations. Unite/ CPHVA understands that devolution has meant new individual – and now differing - healthcare agendas for the four countries that form the United Kingdom.

Being part of a larger organisation gives Unite/CPHVA added strength in its aim of ensuring that the community practitioner remains a valued - and distinct - entity in the health service in the coming years.

Click here for details of the CPHVA executive committee.

Unite/CPHVA is based at Unite House,128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8TN Telephone: 020 7611 2500 (Nearest Underground station is Holborn on the Piccadilly and Central lines). Click here for Health sector team contacts.