February 2016

During February 2016 the #CPHVAcharity is the CPHVA Education & Development Trust. The trust was created to fulfil the wishes of Dr Ian MacQueen, a Vice President and Trustee of what was then the Health Visitors’ Association. He believed passionately in the contribution that health visitors make to the health population, especially in public health.

Please support us by downloading and sharing their #CPHVAcharity member briefing, joining in their #CPHVAtt (Twitter Tuesday chat) on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 (between 7 and 8pm) and sharing their messages via social media (see our Facebook and Twitter pages).

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Member briefing

CPHVA E&DT member briefing

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CPHVA twitter tuesday


Join #CPHVAtt Twitter Tuesday chat

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CPHVA E&DT website

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Last Word John White

Last Word

Last Word with John White

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