Applied Psychologists OPC Statements

Mental health services are reeling from a funding crisis, low morale and increased workloads, says a survey of NHS applied psychologists released today (Monday 10 October) by Unite, the country’s largest union. You can read more via this link

"UNITE's position on supervision is that the employer should provide the necessary and appropriate supervision for the role.  If that cannot be provided within the service or by a reciprocal arrangement with another service, then it would be expected that the employer would pay for agreed externally sourced supervision"

This statement was endorsed by the Applied Psychologists OPC at its meeting on Tuesday 19 July 2016.

“The NW RISC asks the NISC to oppose the use of PREVENT mandatory training which is being imposed by some organisations (local councils and NHS Trusts).

We believe this training is in direct conflict with the professional code of practice of working empathically, in a non-judgemental and de-stigmatising way. We as professionals are also bound by codes of confidentiality when working with children and adults, and would only break this if we felt there were safeguarding issues whereby the person or child was at risk of harm to themselves or the wider public. We would not break confidentiality for the purpose of any kind of profiling of a citizen based on their race, religion, ethnicity or any other aspect which PREVENT training appears to suggest.  This way of working is central to our practice and the professional bodies which we are regulated by.  
Unite must oppose the introduction of PREVENT training by all means in its power.”