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Agenda for ChangeThe NHS terms and conditions of service handbook, commonly known as Agenda for Change (AfC) , sets out the terms and conditions for all employees in the NHS except doctors,dentists and very senior managers. It was agreed through partnership working between the trade unions and the employers and implemented in 2004. Unite believes that there are many improvements that could be made to Agenda for Change and the way that it is interpreted and we will do all we can to defend it.

Unite has been involved in a series of consultations and negotiations since 2005 which have amended some of the original provisions of the AfC agreement. Unite has opposed changes which have removed or reduced AfC benefits. Changes have been made, including changes to the pay arrangements, which have created differences in the contractual terms between the four countries of the UK. Unite is committed to ensuring that AfC remains a UK agreement. Further national negotiations started in June 2015 on the AfC pay structure and related benefits which are expected to conclude by April 2016.  The NHS terms and conditions handbook is available below.
Unite will not support further cuts to your pay, terms and conditions.
We have asked employers how these changes will cut costs and improve productivity - their rationale for making these changes. We have asked employers how these proposals will stop local employers, like in the South West pay cartel, from pressing ahead with their own plans to cut Agenda for Change.  They are unable to answer these basic questions. There is no evidence-base that these will meet their objectives, let alone yours.
Unite firmly believes that fairness should run through all terms and conditions of employment, and whilst some bargaining groups of staff are remunerated at higher levels than our members for similar or identical jobs, we believe that these inequalities need to be addressed. The same is true for other terms and conditions.

If employers approach workplace representatives at a local level about making changes to Agenda for Change, they should contact their regional officer immediately.

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