New Times in the NHS

2 Day Non Residential Course


Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 June – Leeds

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As part of Unite in Health strategy for organising, educating and equipping our members to win in their workplace and campaign in their communities for a public, well -funded and effective NHS. The Union has opened bookings for an updated fresh New Times in the NHS training for Autumn 2016 and Winter 2017.

This will be a 2 day course and is open to health sector workplace representatives and activists covering the following topics help reps develop new skills to deal with the rapidly changing and challenging NHS environment: 

  • Dealing with the Change and Challenges of the current NHS landscape 
  • Project planning 
  • The Organising approach 
  • Representation and advocacy in a changing NHS 
  • Negotiating Skills 
  • Developing wider networks within and beyond the Labour Movement 
  • Building Campaigns by working with new media 
The course will begin at 9.30am in the morning and will continue till 4.30pm each day.

As an accredited trade union representatives your employer will give you paid time off to attend union training and education courses. If you have difficulty obtaining release to attend, please do tell your Regional Officer. Unite the Union, either through your branch or your Region, will pay reasonable travel expenses for you to attend these courses.

Please note: you can only attend the training course in your own Unite the Union Region of work.

Please click on the event you require, fill in the relevant form and return to your regional administrator.