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Unite/CPHVA - LAR of the Year Award 2017
Do you know a Local Accredited Rep who deserves special recognition? CPHVA members are invited to nominate local accredited representatives for LAR of the Year Award 2017.

Unite in Health resource bulletin - August 2017
Read our latest newsletter:- Now on line! – Unite in Health Reps’ Handbook |  Scrap the cap rally 6th September, London |  Unite/CPHVA is calling for nominations for this year's LAR of the Year Award |  Subscribe to the Social Partnership Forum |  'Branching Out' the e-bulletin for branch officers in health and local authorities

Unite/CPHVA briefing & feedback - July 2017
The latest news from Unite/CPHVA

Unite the union - Branching Out in Public Services  - July 2017
for Unite public services branch officers, from your national officers, Fiona Farmer (local authorities), Sarah Carpenter and Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe (health).   We want to keep you and your members informed about what’s happening, and share information across our public services branch network.

Unite in Health Survey - July 2017
UiH is conducting a survey about your work in the health service and would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Unite in Health resource bulletin - July 2017
Read our latest newsletter, including Happy 69th Birthday to our NHS! | Fed up with pay caps | What do you want to see from nurses? | Access the info – Unite in Health Reps’ Handbook | Health apprenticeship news | CPHVA conference 17-18 October 2017 - Energise, education, empower!

Unite in Health monthly update - June 2017
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Unite/CPHVA briefing - May 2017
The latest news from Unite/CPHVA

Unite in Health monthly update - May 2017

Unite in Health - health sector 2017 pay survey
Please complete the survey and let us know your views

UiH Spring Newsletter - April 2017
Read our latest newsletter for all Unite members who work in the NHS and associated health services. It’s on
line for members, with hard copies available from your region. We’ll update you on major developments in
health and your union, Unite.

Unite in Health monthly update - April 2017

Unite/CPHVA briefing - April 2017
The latest news from Unite/CPHVA

Unite in Health monthly update - March 2017
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Unite in Health monthly update - February 2017
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Unite in Health monthly update - January 2017

Registration now open - Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference (Telford, 20-21 June 2017) - November 2016

Sign up today! New Education opportunities - 5 October 2016
Unite in Health workplace activists for autumn 2016 and winter 2017

Unite NHS Pay and Terms Survey 12 July 2016
Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey about your work in the health service

Reminder - The Faculty of Public Health 2 June 2016
Annual Conference Brighton 14-15 June 2016

Ticking time bomb in our NHS 11 May 2016
Save our NHS bursaries lobby – more information on the day revealed!

2016/17 pay award circular 17 March 2016
Following the government’s decision to accept the NHS pay review body’s recommendation of a 1% pay increase for 2016/17, the pay circular has been issued.

Action on NHS Reinstatement Bill 3 March 2016
As hard working members working to improve our country's health, you may have noticed that since the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, our NHS in England, has become fragmented, costly and the state no longer takes primary responsibility for health in England.

Joint trade union protocol on industrial action in the NHS 3 February 2016
You will be aware that the junior doctors in the BMA are taking further industrial action on 10th February 2016 arising from their dispute with Jeremy Hunt and his imposition of contractual changes

HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards open for entries 12 January 2016
The Health Service Journal annual awards provide opportunities for all groups of staff

Advancing Healthcare Awards 2016 7 January 2016
This is a reminder that the deadline for entries to this year's awards is 25 January.

Reminder of joint trade union protocol on industrial action in the NHS
5 January 2016
You will be aware that the junior doctors in the BMA are taking industrial action arising from their dispute with Jeremy Hunt and his imposition of contractual changes.
1. Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Scholarships available; 2. Faculty of Public Health conference
3 December 2015
Funded Travelling Fellowships for the year 2016/17 and The FPH is heading to the south coast in 2016.

Advancing Healthcare Awards 2016 10 November 2016
Unite has been a sponsor and supporter of the Advancing Healthcare awards for the past seven years and we are sponsoring an award for 2016.

Take action on the Trade Union Bill
29 October 2015
Whatever the Conservatives are calling the Trade Union Bill it is in a reality a threat to all of our rights at work.

LAR of the year award 2015 22 July 2015
CPHVA members are invited to nominate local accredited representatives for LAR of the Year Award 2015.

Last chance to take part in survey 15 July 2015
It is vital that we get as big a response as possible to strength our campaigns to defend your terms and conditions.

Reminder - pay & conditions survey 8 July 2015
please take a few minutes to fill out the Unite survey

Unite pay and terms survey
1 July 2015
Take a few minutes to fill out our survey

30 June 2015
Tackling race inequality in the NHS Beyond Snowy White Peaks.
When: Tuesday 14 July 2015 – 10.30-16.00
Where: Faraday House, 48 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AE

Conference: Tackling Race Inequality in the NHS 15 June 2015
Beyond the Snowy White Peaks

NHS Pension Scheme: Option To Give Up Protection briefing 8 June 2015
A briefing paper that has been provided by Unite’s pension officer in preparation for the option exercise for members of the NHS pensions scheme who have protection and are in the 2008 pension section.
UiH Spring Newsletter
April 2015
Read our latest newsletter here, including our new factsheet on downbanding - doing more for less, Pay for NHS workers, revised NMC code and revalidation, April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month, May is Walk to work month, the power of the sandwich and vote to save our NHS on 7th May.

Urgent - Training for NHS General Election campaign 23rd March 2015 – London:
We all realise the important role that the NHS will play in the upcoming General Election. For Unite, we do not see the current crisis as a situation that has just happened, but the narrative has been building as we have seen continual cuts, fragmentation and privatisation of our NHS.

2015/16 pay offer to NHS staff in England: 10 March 2015
Following the pay offer for 2015/16 made by Jeremy Hunt on 27th January for NHS staff in England, Unite and the other unions held consultative ballots on the offer. The Unite ballot result was announced on 2nd March and ,based on the valid votes cast, 50.07% voted to reject the offer and 49.82% voted to accept the offer. All other unions, with the exception of the FCS, voted to accept the pay offer.

..Important consultative ballot on NHS pay offer: 30 January 2015
After years of refusing to negotiate with the unions on fair pay in the NHS, your industrial action has meant that the Government has finally sat down to talk. They have come back with a new offer for pay and Unite and health unions who joined together in strike action have agreed to put it to our members for consultation. It is now up to you as members to decide.  

UiH Winter 2015 newsletter
Read our latest newsletter here, including our new guide to social media for health members, Yorkshire Ambulance Services campaign latest, choice to swap from 1995 NHS pension scheme, Pharmacists win at Commonwealth Games plus all our regulars

NEW NHS strike action alert: Striking for fair NHS pay 29 January: 16 January 2015
You are working harder than ever before but are earning less, up to 15 per cent since 2010. The government’s refusal to give all NHS staff a modest 1% pay rise this year sparked the first walkout over pay in more than 30 years in October.  Followed by a second four-hour strike in November. Two strongly supported actions. The public is on your side.

Urgent action for the General Election campaign: 9 January 2015
We need only observe the events of the last few days to realise the important role that the NHS will play in the General Election.

Advancing Healthcare Awards 2015: 8 January 2015
Unite has been a sponsor and supporter of the Advancing Healthcare awards for the past six years and we are sponsoring an award for 2015.

Unite will take your fight into the New Year: 23 December 2014
The way that NHS staff continue to be dismissed by government is unacceptable

Widening Access Training Scheme – have you overpaid tax and national insurance?: 8 December 2014
NHS Payroll departments have been contacting staff who may be eligible to receive a refund of Tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions, paid in error, whilst they were in full-time education.

Unite for fair NHS pay: 5 December 2014
Unite members have continued to stand together to call on this government to get round the negotiating table on NHS pay.

Getting ready for Monday: 20 November 2014
On Monday, thousands of NHS workers will be joining you in the NHS pay strike

Our NHS is being sold piece by piece: 13 November 2014
Now is your MP has a chance to save it. On Friday 21 November a bill will be put before parliament that puts the brakes on the worst aspects of the government’s pro-privatisation, market driven NHS reforms – making it publiclly accountable once more!

Striking for fair NHS pay #24Nov: 13 November 2014
As you know Unite members are stepping up their fight for fair NHS pay with a further four-hour strike Monday 24 November. Thousands of NHS workers took to picket lines at hospitals across England on the 13 October, behind a swell of public support, to protest against the government’s refusal to implement a tiny 1 per cent consolidated pay increase to all NHS staff.

The 2015 Advancing Healthcare awards: 7 November 2014
Unite has been a sponsor and supporter of the Advancing Healthcare awards for the past six years and we are sponsoring an award for 2015. Unite has two judges for the award – one healthcare scientist and one allied health professional. Unite members have been very successful over the years and have been shortlisted for and winners of a number of the awards.

Time to strike again: 30 October 2014
The 13 October strike certainly got the government rattled, as thousands of Unite members took to the streets alongside other unions to demand a fair pay deal. This time we are going to need all your help in making the action even bigger by striking again. More unions will be taking strike action with us, and we need every member to come out and support the action.  

Look out for ‘Choice 2’ this autumn: 24 October 2014
This autumn 500,000 NHS scheme members are being offered an opportunity to make a change in their NHS benefits. For those of them who retire close to state pension age, this could allow them to increase the value of their pension benefits significantly. 

Still places left for Workplace Training Programme , 16 October 2014
We’re holding a Workplace Training Programme at the NEC Birmingham, on Tuesday 4 November 2014, prior to the Unite/CPHVA Annual Meeting and Annual Professional Conference. 

Thank you for Monday's action, 14 October 2014
You can be proud of the fantastic impact that you had in taking strike action yesterday. Unite had such a strong presence on picket lines across England and Northern Ireland. It really made a difference and put pay right to the top of the agenda in the news. This is only the beginning, we now need the government to respond.  

Important notice from Unite – NHS action on pay, 9 October 2014
Despite every effort, the government hasn’t changed its mind about your pay. We now need all your help to make the government focus on your pay – we need you to take action on Monday.

Guidance notes for NHS industrial action, 3 October 2014
We have produced guidance for employers as part of the upcoming industrial action in the NHS, we want managers and employers to play their role in the dispute. The documents can be downloaded

Time for action - Unite members vote YES for action, 26 September 2014
Unite’s industrial action ballot which closed today (26 September) has returned a majority vote in favour of strike action and action short of strike. 62 per cent of members in England voted in favour of strike action and 77 per cent voted in favour of action short of strike.
Campaign for Liz, 26 September 2014
Liz McInnes is an NHS worker and Unite member, and has been a rep at her local trust for many years. Like you, she is passionate about the NHS, and wants to ensure that it isn’t sold off to the private sector. She has always stood up for NHS staff as a rep, to ensure that they are paid fairly and treated fairly.  

Workplace Training Programme,
26 September 2014
We’re holding a Workplace Training Programme at the NEC Birmingham, prior to the Unite/CPHVA Annual Meeting and Annual Professional Conference. 

Please help - Incomes Data survey, 30 June 2014
The aim of this survey is to provide evidence of staff’s experience of working in NHS both to support our campaigns and  inform the next submissions to the NHS Pay Review Body, the body that makes recommendations about NHS pay rises.

UiH Summer 2014 newsletter, Summer 2014
Read our newsletter here, including What are you worth? NHS pay, update from the report on The People’s Inquiry, news from Scotland, Getting organised, FGM, plus all our regulars.

5 June - NHS Day of Action, 4 June 2014
Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to Unite’s consultative ballot on pay. Now we can start building to get the fair pay deal you deserve.      
An important communication about your Pay from Unite - vote YES for action, 16 May 2014   
England     Northern Ireland     Scotland     Wales
No English hospital is safe from clause 118 (119), 3 March 2014  
David Cameron is wrecking our NHS – Unite’s hard hitting digital campaign launched today warns of the government’s latest assault on our NHS which could see hospitals shut in as little as 40 days.   
UiH winter newsletter, 18 February 2014          
You can read UiH winter newsletter here. In this issue; The Francis report latest, Pensions, a fair deal, Record keeping and regulation and much more.             
CPHVA Awards 2014, 20 January 2014   
Advancing Healthcare Awards 2014, closing date for nominations 17th January
Guidance launched on the prevention and management of clinically related challenging behaviour in NHS settings, 12 September 2013   
CPHVA Annual Awards, 10 December 2013   
The 2014 Awards will take place on March 28th, at a lunch time Ceremony on Level Two of the iconic OXO Tower, OXO2 - a stunning setting overlooking the River Thames in London. 

Unite in health - online training - thinking Thursday, 17 October 2013         
Child Trafficking in Practice Part 2 - 28th November 2013 at 3:30pm     
Dyslexia Support  - 5 December 2013 at 3:30pm    
Revised guidance on resisting local changes to Agenda for Change - in PDF format - has been agreed by the NHS trade unions. Although written primarily with Foundation Trusts in mind, it can be applied more widely including in the devolved countries with a bit of context.
Understanding children’s speech, language and communication development  Part 2 – 10 October 2013 at 3:30pm

Britain’s three biggest trade unions have today issued a joint statement condemning attempts by Ambulance NHS Employers to claw back the sick pay that 32,000 ambulance and paramedic staff in England currently receive under their unsocial hours payments.
CPHVA Conference 2013 , 22 August 2013
Public Health Nursing - foundation of the future, 22-23 October, York Racecourse Conference Centre, York.
Health Sector bulletin, August 2013

This workshop will take place at Unite Birmingham on Friday 27 September 2013 - 11:00-16:00 it will be supported by our Unite/MHNA members and is for all health professionals working across Mental Health services.
NHS Pension Scheme - 19 September 2013 at 3:30pm
Child Trafficking - 26 September 2013 at 3:30pm

Please ensure that this revised edition is used for AfC matching and job evaluation in your workplace.
The deadline for responses is 5 September 2013 - please ensure that you, your colleagues and local staff sides submit a response to this and provide a clear message for the review.
Sunday, 29 September, 2013 
National protest, Manchester, please pledge your support for this important event.
Unite in Health - Pay and Conditions Survey, 13 June 2013
Please take a few minutes to fill out the Unite in Health Pay and Conditions Survey 2013.
Policy Workshop - Public Health, 6 June 2013 - Sign up here. Liverpool Friday 12 July or London Saturday 13 July
Health sector - online training - Thinking Thursday, 3 June 2013 - online training courses for members, join here. 
NHS pay circular - new mileage allowances, 24 May 2013
Joint union briefing and new mileage allowances.

Unite/CPHVA bulletin, April 2013
The latest news from Unite/CPHVA
Mileage and travel expenses are changing, do you know the facts? 9 April 2013
We’re carrying out an online training session (#UiHTT) on the issue on Thursday 11 April at 3:30pm. 
There is still time to get these regulations stopped, but the clock is ticking. You can adopt and write to a peer, the TUC has made it easy.
Pay and Conditions update, 28 March 2013 
Future Sessions

Save our NHS - This is important - our NHS needs you, 28 February 2013
Please email your MP now and ask them to sign Early Day Motion 1104 to get the regulations struck out.

Breaking News - NHS Staff Council impose cuts to your terms and conditions - Unite votes against, 26 February 2013

Unite/CPHVA bulletin, February 2013
The latest news from Unite/CPHVA

NHS Reps Brief, 19 February 2013
All the latest updates and news from the Unite Health Sector

Help Save Our NHS, 13 February 2013
We are now in the fight of our lives for the NHS. Hospitals are at risk, jobs are going daily and NHS professionals are struggling with staff shortages and massive pay cuts. 

The Francis Report, 6 February 2013

Agenda for Change regional training conferences, 4 February 2013

Unite/CPHVA bulletin December 2012

Advancing Healthcare Awards, 5 December 2012
Unite has been a sponsor of Advancing Healthcare Awards for five years.

Get active - defend Agenda for Change, 27 November 2012

NHS staff council report, 22 November 2012
Mitigating equal pay risks following the end of CAJE

Unite's fight to defend Agenda for Change, 20 November 2012
Consultation on NHS Employers proposals – make sure to have your say!

HR Transition Partnership Forum, 19 September 2012

The NHS is under threat, 17 September 2012
On 20 October 100,000s of NHS workers will be marching through central London. We need you there too.

Get involved in shaping the work of Unite in Health and the future of the NHS, 23 August 2012
Throughout September 2012, Unite will be holding Regional Industrial Health Sector Conferences.

Olympic Tribute to the NHS, 27 July 2012

Agenda for Change Consultation, 23 July 2012

July 2012 E Bulletin, 20 July 2012
All the latest updates and news from the Unite Health Sector

Cuts to Agenda for Change, 20 June 2012
IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION - PLEASE READ NHS Employers are looking to cut Agenda for Change - your terms and conditions. The Staff Council Staff Side is consulting on these changes.

Protecting your pension, 9 June 2012

Health Sector E Bulletin June 2012, 14 June 2012
In this issue 68 is too late Reclaiming Our NHS Redundancy and TUPE guides Check your PAYE tax code

New Times In the NHS training, 12 June 2012
Unite is running special 2 day non-residential accredited courses in July and October 2012, New Times In The NHS, for all, new and experienced, NHS Reps.

Diamond Jubilee pay arrangements Survey, 17 May 2012
NHS workers are being denied the normal public holiday pay and arrangement for the Diamond Jubilee. We want you to take less than a minute to fill out the attached quick survey to get a full picture.

10 May 2012 - Strike Action Briefing, 04 May 2012
Unite has called 10 May 2012 a strike day - this gives us an opportunity to maximise pressure on the government about the way that they are making you pay more, get less and work longer due to their pension proposals.

Defend your pension Thursday 10 May, 19 April 2012

Guidance for local staff sides facing proposals to change pay, terms & conditions, 13 April 2012

28th March - NHS Day of action, 27 March 2012
What you do on 28th March matters. Every day we see another attack on our NHS. Further cuts are being discussed, on a far deeper scale than we have seen for the last two years.

Battle for the health service is just beginning, 22 March 2012
On 5 July 1948, the greatest social achievement in the creation of the NHS became a reality. Yesterday, despite the weight of opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill, the Coalition Government ignored all democratic processes, and the voices of professionals, patients and the public to force through their Bill that will fragment and privatise the NHS.

NHS Pensions - Day of Action 28th March, 22 March 2012
Unite members in the NHS voted overwhelmingly to reject the government's proposals on the NHS pension scheme. Over 94% of Unite members working in the NHS said that working longer, paying more and getting less was not an option, and are therefore calling on the government to get back around the negotiating table.

Unite Members Reject Pension Proposals, 21 March 2012

Withdrawal of NRRP - Protection of Pay & Pensions 16th March 2012, 19 March 2012
Where members pensionable pay falls as a consequence of the withdrawal of nationally agreed Recruitment and Retention Premia, arrangements have been put in hand to ensure that the impact on final pension is limited by pay protection. This should be arranged between employers and NHS Pensions without members having to do anything.

NHS Pensions - action info needed, 12 March 2012
We are currently consulting all NHS members on the Government's pension proposals. From carefully studying the proposals, the Health National Industrial Sector Committee, concluded that these proposals still meant paying more, getting less, and working longer and have therefore given a strong recommendation that members should REJECT these proposals

The NHS is in danger - Save our NHS, 21 February 2012

Health Sector E Bulletin February 2012, 6 February 2012
Latest news from the Unite Health Sector

Unite Health NISC Statement on Pensions, 6 January 2012