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Despite our campaign and ongoing opposition to the NHS pension reforms the coalition NHS Pensions 2government is implementing the 2015 scheme. Discussions are proceeding on Fair Deal and access to NHS pension which will widen access for pension provision to non NHS organisations providing healthcare. The Working Longer Review Group commenced in September  2012 to look at the impact of working longer on the health and wellbeing of staff and the implications for safe delivery of the service. The Group's work will be completed by 2014. 

Full information on the NHS pensions scheme is available on the NHS Pensions website

NHS Pension Scheme: Option To Give Up Protection briefing has been provided by Unite’s pension officer in preparation for the option exercise for members of the NHS pension scheme who have protection and are in the 2008 pension section.

The choice exercise will commence on 15th June 2015 in England and Wales and at a later date for staff in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please note that the choice decision is for individuals to make on the basis of information provided by NHS Pensions.  

More information

Flexible retirement options factsheets for employers and employees have been published and are available - click here (October 2014)

The Department of Health have recently been working on a consolidated landing page for all NHS Pension information available on the on the website

Public Health England - letter and frequently asked questions document regarding pension provision post March 2013 for public health staff transferring from PCTs to LAs on 1 April 2013. 

Unite NHS pension scheme presentation (April 2012)

Dept of Health NHS pension scheme for England & Wales proposed final agreement

Unite analysis of the NHS pension reforms
Real comparisons for the NHS pension scheme

How Mental Health Officers' (MHOs) retirement age & pension will be affected by the 2015 changes to the NHS pension scheme

Unite main pensions site

The Department for Health Pensions Calculator estimates how your pension when you retire would be affected if the current proposals were implemented (defend public sector pensions) or for the effects of lower increases in pension during your retirement caused by the government decision to base increases on the lower CPI measure of inflation.

It is expected that increases based on CPI will be 1% lower on average each year than increases based on RPI inflation and this could alone reduce the total pay-out of a typical pension during retirement by around 10%.

The calculator has been prepared for the Department of Health by an independent actuary and we believe the estimates it provides are broadly accurate. One key assumption which affects the results is that the general NHS annual pay increase will in the future average out at CPI +1.5% each year. If earnings rose faster then the calculator would understate the advantage to members of retaining current final salary arrangements and, if earnings rose slower it would overstate it.

Click here for the NHS Pensions Calculator.