Jane Cummings says England will be ready for the launc...

Jane Cummings says England will be ready for the launch of revalidation in April 2016

02 November 2015

Unite in Health had called in a letter to Jeremy Hunt for any plans to delay the implementation of revalidation in England to be shelved. It had been suggested that as Trusts in financial difficulty would not be able to support their nurses and midwives through the new process they should not be compelled by the NMC to do so. However, as the NMC Council had only taken the decision to go live in October this would have among other concerns, have placed those nurses and midwives at risk of breaching their regulatory requirements, some of whom may have been UiH members. In a response to the letter Barrie Brown, national officer for health had received assurance that revalidation would be fully supported by the department. We are pleased to see this confirmed in the CNOs letter

Feedback to our revalidation surveys shows the majority of our nurse, midwife and specialist community public health members see revalidation as an opportunity to improve professionalism. Even those who initially have concerns about the process are reassured once they have attended one of our #porevalidation roadshows, understand what is required.