Why SHOULDN'T I be going to Manchester? 13 Septemb...

Ian Evans HNISCby Ian Evans, Chair, Unite the union Healthcare Sciences Organising Professional Committee

Why should I travel all the way to Manchester from Brighton to tell uncaring, money grabbing, self serving greedy Tories that they are destroying the NHS? Simple. No act of change has ever been successful by staying at home expecting others to do the work for us, by thinking that nothing can be done and it's all too late. The NHS was created by people like us, for us, with the driving passion of putting care above everything else regardless of the ability to pay. This is a simple sentiment from what is, and should, be called action from a society that cares for its own and others. Why would they want to take this away? We have seen the impact of what a two-tier health service looks like by observing what is in place in the USA, compounded by the resistance of lobbying big business denying decent healthcare to 45 million Americans. 

This is the direction the NHS in England is going in. The Tory party is made up of only 58,000 members, but nearly all its funding comes from large businesses and individuals living the high life in tax free havens, with one goal - to make as much money as possible and give as little as possible back. In regards to the hundreds of millions of pounds given to the Tories, it is stated that they want nothing back in return. That is complete codswallop! To make this worse a significant number of these donors have interests in nealthcare and this is more and more obvious by the way our NHS is being given away to them. This can only result in a healthcare provision that only cares for its shareholders, not the patients.  The NHS is recognised as the envy of the world when it comes to world class health delivery, this will disappear if we do nothing. I am not prepared to sit by and watch.

In answer to my earlier question. Perhaps I should rephrase it; Why SHOULDN'T I be going to Manchester?