We need to get the coalition out of power, 25 September 2013

Kerry Davidson HNISC

by Kerry Davidson, chair, Ambulance Organising Professional Committee

I attended the last rally in London and was overwhelmed by the whole occasion and am attending the rally in Manchester for this and a number of other reasons.
-  Our NHS had its 65th birthday this year and is the envy of the world. The coalition are hell bent on destroying its very substance by the rapid privatisation of services. Patient care will suffer if the coalition has its way.
- This rally is an opportunity for all staff in the NHS and their families who attend to give a clear message to the government that enough is enough.
- With all the government cuts I am now worse off than I have ever been, with cuts to pension and now our terms & conditions are under constant threat with employers in some Ambulance Trusts de-recognising Unite.  The impact this is having on staff and reps is significant
- The rally is a wonderful place to meet like minded people from all walks of life and other unions supporting the preservation of the NHS.
We need to get the coalition out of power at the next election and the more people attending on 29 September the better.