News from the South West, 28 May 2013

Dorothy FoggBy Dorothy Fogg, regional lead officer for health, North East

On Monday 20th May the South West health officers got together to look at the progress made in our membership figures following a variety of 100% Campaigns and to bring together an organising plan for Health in the South West leading up to the 65th birthday of the NHS.

A new leaflet headed The Wheel of Misfortune has been produced and will be delivered to each of the area offices for distribution to reps both at hospital events and street stands with the hope that this will encourage members of the public to understand the decimation being created by this government leading to the potential loss of our National Health Service.

We will be encouraging members to get involved in activities over the next few weeks to highlight the plight of the NHS and the services which it provides to your friends and family and the responses we have already received from you that this is a service worth keeping.

This will be a major discussion at the Health RISC on the 6th June, but should any member from any sector wish to get involved please contact your area office and your name will be passed to the relevant officer.

In a recent discussion with an NHS Trust in Somerset the trade unions were told that changes to the out of hours service would not affect the day staff yet in talking to nurses and HCAs across the Trust it was evident that they were very angry about the changes and the distances they would need to travel, yet because this intervention has slowed the process down Unite was blamed for the delays. Perhaps if there had been an open and honest discussion and members had felt that their employer was listening they wouldn't be so incensed about the potential changes, which they feel could lead to delays in getting across the county to help patients in need.