Moving on, moving forward, 17 October 2013

Frank Keogh HNISCBy Frank Keogh, former Health National Industrial Sector Committee chair

This week I chaired my last HNISC as I move on to take up a post as a regional officer for our great union, I am excited by the new challenges ahead but want to reflect on the past five years a period where we have shaped our sector Unite in Health.

It has been an honour to serve as your chair, since the creation of Unite we have forged ahead in our work, leading in the fight for our health services across the communities we represent. We have shown leadership in the battle to defend collective bargaining, the fight to maintain national terms and conditions for a National Health Service, we led the fight to defend staffs pensions against this rotten coalition.

Our strategy to fight back has seen continued growth in our membership, Unite in Health is now the biggest sector in our union, I am convinced you will continue to grow, because you demonstrate leadership, you have the right strategy and you listen when members speak. You are pioneers others in our movement look to you to lead.

The lay member leadership together with the officers and excellent support staff have laid the foundations for continued success. We have worked hard and we have had some wonderful times along the way, friendships have been forged that will always be special.

So I want to say thank you very much, it has been a wonderful experience for me working with you and getting to know you all , I wish Liz your new chair all the best she has a great team alongside her. Have a great conference when you gather in Brighton spend some time reflecting on what you have achieved but look forward and plan for the battles ahead.