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1.3 million NHS workers have suffered a three year pay freeze, cuts to their pensions, a cut to 'on call' payments and a cut in their numbers. 

Then Jeremy Hunt comes along and threatens to cut the promised one per cent pay increase for 2014.

This time he's gone too far - email Jeremy Hunt now. Unite has made it easy. The letter is written, simply enter your details in the form below and click submit.   


Agenda for change

Proposals to water down the national pay agreement, Agenda for Change are totally opposed by Unite. We believe that nationally negotiated pay, terms and conditions need to be safeguarded to make equal pay and fairness a reality for all NHS workers

Email your MP

Simply enter your postcode and click submit to find your MP. That opens a box with the name and party of your MP, and lets you write a message. Don't forget to enter your name, email address and your own address so that your MP knows you are a constituent. Then add your message. Stuck for what to write? Download Unite's top tips on what to say to your MP. Remember you will know more about the proposed changes to Agenda for Change and the impact this will have on NHS workers then your MP. Download the Unite top tips on what to say to your MP.

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