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Spread the word of the threat to English Hospitals if clause 118 (amended to 119) becomes law. Write to your local newspaper. Unite has drafted some sample text to help you along, but please make sure to include local information and refer to hospitals in your area.

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Dear Editor,

Hospitals in England are facing a new and urgent threat. Is our hospital next?

MPs will soon vote on a hastily drafted amendment to the Care Bill, dubbed, the ‘hospital closure clause’. No English hospital, including our own will be safe from financially driven closures if clause 118 (amended to 119) becomes law.

It will not matter how successful or financially viable our local hospital is. It could be downgraded or shut altogether if there is a neighbouring hospital in trouble. We won’t get a say; the decision to close will be taken – without full and proper consultation -by government appointed ‘special administrators’ more interested in balancing the books, than in patient care.  Local people, doctors and councillors will not be consulted in any meaningful way. It’s an affront to democracy.

Whatever happened to the mantra used by the coalition to sell the recent NHS reconfiguration to us all - 'no decision about me, without me'.

The secretary of state for health, Jeremy Hunt is keen to rush this clause through. It follows his defeat in the law courts over plans to shut services at the successful and solvent Lewisham hospital. The people of Lewisham won, but they won’t win again if this change becomes law. It could be our local hospital next.

There is still time to defeat Clause 118 (amended to 119) – by putting pressure on local MPs we can force the government to scrape the hospital closure clause. We need to contact our MPs and ask that they oppose clause 118 (amended to 119) when it is voted on in Parliament in February.

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